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Videos posted on Facebook are shared TWICE as often as written or image based content

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Video is now the main thing, close to over 70% of all traffic on the internet now comes from video.  On facebook, videos that are shared are seen twice as much as articles and images based content.  In the USA, youtube is currently reaching adults within the ages of 18 – 34 than any cable network or other communication platforms. 

When it comes to ranking on Google and other search engines, videos are now being favored far more than other forms of communications.  Videos loaded on search engines in the current are being favored more than articles and other content produced way back.  

This procedure is unusual of search engines.  Search engines normally favor content that are old with back links and authority than a video that is just produced. 

The above reason goes to imply that, you no longer have a choice than to produce your contents in video form.  

Video has become the normal way by which people online wants to learn, acquire information, shop and also do their investigations and their interactions.

This Youtube traffic guide is an actionable guide with 22 different tricks and ways to push your videos to the top of youtube and other video search engines.  Use this to gain number one ranking on youtube, funnelling all the traffic to your websites, videos, landing pages and other offers.

This cheat sheet is a quick and very easy read (It can take you between 5 – 8min) but it’s full of actionable guide you can’t do without.  

Get hold of it now and start optimizing your videos to the top of the engines on both Youtube and Google and other search engines today.


Create Exciting Quality Videos

It’s all set, with this cheat sheet you hold the power in your hands to create videos that can rank.  

The biggest problem now is the huge investment of your time, money and the needed skills to turn out good videos. 

Vidnami the only tool that can create quality videos on a fly is your only savior.  

You can try Vidnami for Free after downloading your cheat sheet and experience the magic of creating quality videos like a PRO without any experience or technical know how.


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